The Boris Christoff Foundation was established in 1999 with the following statutory purposes:

  • promote the artistic figure and the memory of the great Bulgarian bass to whom it is named;
  • promote the development and dissemination of musical art, also through the establishment of musical training courses, prizes, competitions and public events;
  • provide scholarships to support deserving young musicians;
  • promote knowledge of the charitable activities in the field of cardiology and heart surgery at the Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome.

In 2006, the administrations of the Christoff Foundation and the Santa Cecilia National Academy were unified in consideration of the shared and partially overlapping purposes. The objective pursued is to create an effective synergy between the two institutions that allows for the realization of numerous joint projects, while acknowledging the deep artistic bond that the great Bulgarian bass had throughout his life with the Academy.

The Foundation has always maintained a privileged relationship with Christoff’s country of origin, which, over the years, has resulted in a series of collaboration agreements entered with the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Rome, with the purpose of offering training opportunities for young Bulgarian singers in Italy.

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